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How to Realize Your XDR Goals by the End of the Year

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An extended detection and response (XDR) cybersecurity strategy can protect your business through enhanced visibility, faster threat remediation, and improved operational efficiency. But as you probably already know, setting up a comprehensive XDR implementation can be quite difficult. As we enter the summer, here are 5 aspects that your organization should focus on if you […]

3 Must-Haves in Your Cybersecurity Incident Response

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Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more common and challenging to deal with. In fact, more than two-thirds of companies answering Deloitte’s recent survey experienced between 1 and 10 data breaches and other security incidents in 2021. If your organization does get attacked, you need to be prepared. How can you best minimize harm and recover […]

What To Expect When Onboarding With a New XDR Provider

What to expect when onboarding with a new XDR provider

You’ve signed with an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provider. What next? Setting expectations during onboarding is critical. After all, with cybersecurity, your entire organization is on the line. Over 90% of security teams cannot attend to all of their security alerts on a typical day. Mistakes in setting up a new threat detection and […]

Why XDR Should Be Consumed as a SaaS Product

Why XDR Should Be Consumed as a SaaS Product

Why XDR Should Be Consumed as a SaaS Product Extended Detection and Response (XDR) can provide your organization with holistic risk management across all parts of your IT infrastructure. But to properly implement this methodology and enjoy its benefits, you need to consume XDR as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. Why? Here are 5 benefits to […]

Why You Need XDR in Today’s Threat Landscape

Why You Need XDR in Today’s Threat Landscape

It is well-known that data breaches cause some of the most significant harm to organizations. If an attacker gets through your defenses, your company may risk: Financial losses Disrupted operations Damaged reputation When your data and many of your assets are on the line, you don’t  want to depend on complicated, inefficient, and outdated security […]

Why your XDR Provider Should Be Technology Agnostic

Why your XDR Provider should be Technology Agnostic

Most companies think that to improve their enterprise security, they have to invest in better technology and tools. That conclusion is quite understandable: after all, cybersecurity relies on technological advances. To keep up with current trends, new is always better, right? Except when your organization assumes that improving your security operations (SecOps) requires better tools, […]

How Pareto Cyber Maintains Great Customer Experience

A central tenet to what we do at Pareto Cyber is ensuring that your business has a great experience. Our focus on providing a high quality of service begins with: Assessing your security risks Delivering subject-matter expertise Working with what you have Automating your workflows Gathering necessary context Developing trust Assess Your Security Risks Start […]