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Extended Detection And Response

Identify, contain, and remediate risks in real time with Pareto’s XDR Service. Leveraging data in real-time, make priority decisions based on how threats will impact your business. We collect and correlate security information from all your endpoints in order to rapidly assess threats and take action based on risk. By taking this approach, we reduce threat impact and eliminate alert fatigue ensuring threats are eliminated via our XDR platform.

What you get:

20 +

Standard Automated Threat Remediation Use Cases

5 Min

Mean time to Remediate

100 S

of Signals
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What XDR Helps You Do

Discover why XDR is essential for businesses who want to thrive in the digital world.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Prevent arduous restoration process. Respond to threats in seconds, not hours.

Focus On Continuous Improvement

Keep your eye on your organization’s growth in the long term with actionable reports.

Save Your Bottom Line

Save yourself the cost and hassle of a security breach. Stay focused on profit-driving activities.

Why Choose Pareto’s XDR?

What sets our XDR services apart from others?

Enjoy Automated Threat Remediation

Orchestrate and automate the remediation of threats in your entire tech environment, including email, Cloud, and custom platforms. Minimize system downtime and reduce attack surface.

Get Continuous Visibility

Get your threats monitored 24/7. Manage your threats with a complete product suite. even using custom third-party threat intelligence. Eliminate the vulnerabilities in real time while your teams focus on what matters.

Make Better Decisions

Leverage actionable metrics from Native Analytics/ML to drive improvement. Reduce operational costs with a compliance-driven model.

Building a More Secure World, for Everyone

Get our years of experience in the cybersecurity and XDR space – brought straight to you through helpful resources and articles.