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Cyber Hygiene and Compliance

Cyber criminals are getting better at breaching security systems everyday. Leveraging Pareto’s Cyber Hygiene service, we scour your IT environment to identify at-risk assets, data, and users so that vulnerabilities can be proactively remediated to prevent attacks before they happen.

What you get:


Standard Reports

90 %

Avg. Decrease in Endpoint Risks

70 %

Decrease in Endpoint Compliance Risks

What Cyber Hygiene Does For Your Organization

Keep your environment secure and compliant through Cyber Hygiene Services.

Maintain Cyber Compliance across your Environment

Strong cyber hygiene ensures that all your digital assets are secure, up-to-date, and operating at peak efficiency.

Prevent Data Loss

Protect the organization from data loss and ensure the integrity of highly sensitive data.

Be Proactive and Prevent Attacks

The financial and emotional toll of addressing a security breach when it’s too late can’t be understated. With sound cyber hygiene practices, you can take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one.

Why Choose Pareto Cyber’s Cyber Hygiene and Compliance Program?

Organizations looking to optimize their security systems will prioritize cyber hygiene. These are just a few reasons why.

Asset Management and Maintenance

We’ll track and manage your assets and devices so they can run with minimal disruption. In addition, your end-of-life assets will be maintained to prevent data loss, security breaches, and other vulnerabilities. You’ll also see improved device trust when it comes to accessing your digital assets.

Drive Secure Configuration

Our enhanced security policy will make it harder for threat actors to succeed. Auto-configuration enables rapid remediation. Plus, with IT system consistency, you’ll see less support issues over time.

Patch and Vulnerability Management

Out of date software makes you more vulnerable to attacks. By regularly addressing patch updates and vulnerabilities we’ll make sure all gaps are filled. You’ll also see fewer bugs in your IT software and reduced user issues.

Why Cyber Hygiene Will Optimize Your Existing Defenses

Organizations looking to optimize their security systems will prioritize cyber hygiene. These are just a few reasons why.

Solve complexity in your IT environment

The more complex your IT environment, the more difficult maintaining proper cyber hygiene on your own will be. By letting Pareto Cyber take it on, you won’t have to sacrifice your growth for your security.

Keep your systems secure on a continuous basis

You can cross an important decision off your to-do list. But your cyber hygiene isn’t a one and done deal. It’s a continuous process requiring routine work and monotonous labor. Our cyber hygiene program will take those mundane tasks off your plate, so you can continue driving more value.

Improve your reputation

Organizations that are viewed as more secure and compliant will be viewed in a stronger light to their customers, partners, and other investors. Keep your organization on track for better opportunities by maintaining your cyber hygiene.

Building a More Secure World, for Everyone

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