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How Pareto Cyber Maintains Great Customer Experience

A central tenet to what we do at Pareto Cyber is ensuring that your business has a great experience. Our focus on providing a high quality of service begins with: Assessing your security risks Delivering subject-matter expertise Working with what you have Automating your workflows Gathering necessary context Developing trust Assess Your Security Risks Start […]

How Is XDR Different From What Is On The Market Today?

How Is XDR Different From What Is On The Market Today

  No security solutions on the market today offer the comprehensive visibility and ability to automatically detect and remove threats before they can cause damage like XDR. Most security systems are siloed, making it difficult for security staff to get a holistic view of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure. XDR is different than other detection and […]

10 Ways You Could Be Inviting a Cybersecurity Attack

10 Ways You Could Be Inviting a Cybersecurity Attack

In the business world, cybersecurity is many times misunderstood. It’s often left as an afterthought for the IT team to handle,, rather than a competitive differentiator and business enabler. If your security and IT teams want to change this unproductive mindset, you need to talk to the business team using their own language instead of […]

What Is the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Methodology?

What Is the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Methodology?

XDR is just good security.  It is a strategic approach that breaks down data silos, improves visibility and reporting, and leverages automated threat remediation to make security teams more effective and efficient. Taking action, rather than just sending alerts, has become critical for organizations to not only reduce risk but to optimize operational efficiencies by […]

A Cost-Effective Approach to Proactive Cyber Defense

Cybersecurity is a complex challenge for organizations that have outgrown their current approaches to managing and delivering secure business solutions DOWNLOAD PDF As organizations digitally transform and adopt new technologies, addressing security is critical to ensuring the integrity of IT systems, infrastructure, and sensitive business data.  Technologies alone cannot address the everchanging risk an organization faces.  […]

What COVID-19 Teaches Us About Cyber Strategy

COVID-19 has completely disrupted our lives, economy, and global stability. As governments around the world attempt to contain the spread, there are huge disparities in approach. In some countries, the spread and death rates are low while in others it has become a human tragedy.

Preventing Cyber Threat with SCM

Once an organization has completed asset discovery, they can move on to security configuration management, or SCM. SCM is the management and control of secure configurations that enable security and mitigates risk.