10 Key Advantages of XDR

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76% of organizations that adopt extended detection and response (XDR) credit it with improving their cybersecurity posture.

How can one approach be so effective?

Main Benefits of XDR

XDR’s advantages can be divided into the following 10 key categories:

  1. Improved threat detection
  2. Simpler triage process
  3. Intelligent response recommendations
  4. Root cause analysis
  5. Easier collaboration
  6. Long-term security posture enhancement
  7. Automated workflows
  8. Comprehensive compliance and reporting
  9. Risk Simulation
  10. Visibility into attack chain

Improved Threat Detection

When you implement XDR, you can detect threats faster and more efficiently.

This methodology requires you to collect all incoming security alerts together across multiple data logs. Increased visibility into all security events and information across your platforms then allows your team to identify any threats faster and more efficiently.

Simpler Triage Process

Use XDR to prioritize which threats to tackle first.

By combining automation with comprehensive threat reporting your analysts can quickly assess the scope of any incoming security alert. All relevant context can be grouped together as you examine a particular threat.

The triage process can then take minutes rather than hours when done manually and can even be handled automatically so that your analysts are not overloaded with information.

Intelligent Response Recommendations

With XDR you can empower your security team with intelligent recommendations.

Once you implement machine learning into your security operations, your analysts can get contextual insights on how to handle a particular alert. These suggestions can be based on how you’ve handled similar threats in the past or other characteristics of a particular security event.

Your analysts can proceed by following the recommendation or manually continue their investigation with additional queries and offers relevant response actions.

Root Cause Analysis

Find the root cause of a threat rather than mitigating individual breaches.

With XDR you can leverage integrated data across your ecosystem and AI analysis to search for the full trace of any particular threat. Combine all the individual alerts to uncover the full scope of an attack and resolve underlying vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.

Easier Collaboration

Enhance communication between members of your security team.

You can utilize a platform that offers reporting and collaboration features. This way, your analysts can easily share information between themselves and with any other relevant departments, improving situational awareness and supporting faster response times.

Long-Term Security Enhancement

Enhance your cybersecurity posture in the long-term.

Instead of playing defense by reacting to individual security events as they happen, get ahead of threats with longer-term security improvements.

You can gain a better perspective into your organization’s cyber maturity with retrospective analysis of security events. You can then take advantage of any discovered attack patterns and trends to eliminate existing vulnerabilities.

Automated Workflows

Save time by automating manual workflows.

Through a comprehensive view of your security operations, you can discover which manual processes could be automated instead. Craft playbooks for specific scenarios and define any actions to complete in response to a specific threat.

This way you ensure that some threats are contained and eliminated in real time.

Risk Simulation

Test your security posture by simulating a potential attack.

You can discover how your XDR implementation would function in a real scenario. The results can then help you ensure that all tools and processes are configured correctly.

This way you can reduce the risk of an actual incident harming your organization.

Compliance and Reporting

Streamline your compliance and reporting.

With XDR you can ensure that your cybersecurity program is compliant with any relevant regulations and policies. By capturing all relevant security data your organization can capture insights across every part of your cybersecurity operations.

Comprehensive reporting then reduces both your business and security risks.

Better Visibility Into Attack Chain

With XDR you can gain visibility into the entire cyberattack kill chain.

Your analysts can understand how an attacker infiltrated your environment and what steps need to be taken to prevent a similar breach from occurring in the future.

How to Experience XDR’s Benefits

Thanks to improved visibility, efficiency, and integration with AI solutions, XDR can be a brilliant investment for your organization.

However, implementing a comprehensive XDR approach that will provide you with those benefits is not easy.

XDR requires deep expertise across a variety of security functions, behavioral analytics, and a restructuring of your current security program. So if you would like to benefit from managed security services to help your organization transition to an XDR strategy, our team at Pareto Cyber is happy to help.

We can conduct an extensive risk assessment and help you maximize your security investments to capitalize on all the benefits that XDR can offer.