Why You Need a Self-Serve XDR Solution

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Thinking of signing on to a managed security services provider (MSSP)? 

Try a self-serve extended detection and response (XDR) platform first.

With an on-demand cybersecurity reporting tool, you can begin implementing the XDR methodology into your operations before outsourcing to an external provider. And once you incorporate better alerts and automation, you can build on those self-serve policies with a qualified managed detection and response (MDR) partner. 

Key Insights

Here are the main points covered in this guide:

  • Effective Cybersecurity Operations Start with XDR
  • The Benefits of On-Demand Security Reporting and Why Pareto Cyber Created Cylemetry
    • Cloud-native reporting
    • Comprehensive threat intelligence
    • Multi-signal coverage
    • Technology-agnostic integrations
    • Automated threat remediation.

Effective Cybersecurity Operations Start with XDR

In 2022, an effective cybersecurity program has to start with XDR.

Focusing on the exact set-up of your security team is a distraction. It doesn’t matter whether you’re detecting and responding to threats in-house, with a basic MSSP provider, or with a comprehensive MDR agreement. At the end of the day, your underlying systems serve as the foundation for any employee or vendor relationship.

All Security Teams Need XDR

But why is XDR the best methodology for your security operations? Three simple reasons:

  • Gain full visibility into your entire attack surface
  • Prioritize tasks more efficiently with machine learning
  • Understand the complete context around every security alert.

The actual human work of security analysts (whether outsourced or in-house) depends on how well you are leveraging your existing tools and sorting through all of your security data.

Without a methodology, your security program won’t work. Even the best and most experienced security analyst won’t be able to go through thousands of alerts a day to protect your organization. And as your IT stack gets more complicated, you will need more and more robust strategies to keep up.

On-Demand Reporting: Why We Created Cylemetry

To help organizations implement XDR and improve their cyber maturity, we at Pareto Cyber have designed a self-service tool for cyberthreat monitoring and remediation. 

Here is why we believe that you may need a tool like Cylemetry for your security team.

Cloud-Native Tool

By investing into a cloud-based product, as opposed to an on-premises solution, you can truly unlock the full power of the XDR methodology.

A SaaS-based XDR offering can adapt to your workforce, whether your team is working in an office or remotely. Instead of forcing your cybersecurity tool stack into outdated working models and wasting resources on local hosting, you can monitor threats on whenever and wherever you like. 

A SaaS-based XDR tool also helps you keep track of all of your other cloud products. Integrate your software in the most elegant way possible, leveraging native APIs and modern functionality.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

An XDR SaaS product will provide you with on-demand security reporting, 24/7. 

This way, you can get the up-to-date security information that you want, when you want it. You will no longer need to wait for responses from managed providers or ask for clarification on overly general reports. Instead, you can find all threat intelligence at your fingertips.

With detailed insights and data collection, you can finally get better context around security alerts and suggestions for remediation. 

Multi-Signal Coverage

Have all the tools and information within your environment in one screen.

By integrating the data logs across your IT infrastructure, you will never have to worry about missing any important alerts. Instead, find patterns within the noise and resolve vulnerabilities in an intelligent and systematic way.

When you can quickly gather all the relevant information, you can make better decisions. Empower your security analysts to respond quickly when speed matters most.

Technology-Agnostic Integration

A SaaS XDR tool will not force you to abandon your existing tools.

Instead, you can integrate all of those tools together in a way that makes sense for your needs and existing workflows. Get better leverage from your existing security stack and save budget by avoiding unnecessary tool switching.

XDR should make threat detection and remediation easier, not harder.

Automated Remediation

By using a tool like Swimlane, you can automate a lot of your manual remediation workflows

Connect all of your tools together and set up custom rules to protect your organization’s systems even as you sleep. A proper correlation engine can give you intelligent recommendations so that you can respond to advanced threats and resolve vulnerabilities more effectively. 

With cross-client intelligence automation, a proper XDR platform can help you pair machine learning with your team’s expertise. 

Ready To Get Started?

If you want to try out an on-demand cybersecurity reporting tool in your XDR implementation, consider our Cylemetry offering. 

Our team at Pareto Cyber designed Cylemetry as the product we wished existed to include every benefit to XDR that we covered above. Take a look and contact us here.