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A central tenet to what we do at Pareto Cyber is ensuring that your business has a great experience. Our focus on providing a high quality of service begins with:

  • Assessing your security risks
  • Delivering subject-matter expertise
  • Working with what you have
  • Automating your workflows
  • Gathering necessary context
  • Developing trust

Assess Your Security Risks

Start at the beginning by building your cyber program with a detailed assessment of your company’s risks.

Before you can determine where to improve, you need to understand what you are working with. When we onboard you as a new client, we will:

  • Record all parts of your IT infrastructure and their relevant log sources
  • Find any weak points within your systems
  • Gather patterns within threats you may have experienced or are likely to deal with in the future
  • Recommend workflows for future threat response

Once you assess the risk profile of your business, we can begin working on finding and resolving threats affecting your business security.

Deliver Subject-Matter Expertise

You want your security to be handled by experts. That’s why our services assign a variety of top-class subject-matter specialists on every aspect of your business security.

While one member of our team may specialize in identity and access management, another may focus on security compliance in finance. Whatever you need, we have an expert on hand to help you.

Work With What You Have

You don’t need to reinvent your cyber program from the ground up to improve your security. Our XDR methodology revolves around taking advantage of the tools and resources that you already have.

In fact, we avoid changing any part of your security stack without significant need. If your tool works properly and provides the information you need to protect your business — keep using that tool. Instead of forcing you to buy more tools than you need, at Pareto Cyber we help you optimize your existing technology to suit your security objectives. We often find that our clients can unlock hidden potential in their tech stack and free up resources by eliminating redundant shelfware.

We develop our threat detection and remediation program around your system, fitting into your existing operations as much as possible. To do so, we introduce a single tool: the Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform Swimlane across your entire environment to  connect all of your tools together into one coherent and easy to navigate system.

Automate Your Workflows

To handle threats as quickly as possible, we automate your threat remediation processes wherever we can.

In Swimlane, each security alert gets an automated recommendation for how to best resolve that threat. One of our analysts reviews the recommendation and decides whether to accept or pursue a different course of action.

During the onboarding process, we determine some pre-approved automation paths that we can pursue as needed. To fit your organization, we build out those processes to mirror your existing internal workflows. So you can rest knowing our automation is working on your behalf exactly as you’d like.

Gather Context Before Escalating

If our proposed threat remediation doesn’t fall into one of those predetermined paths, we will ask for your approval before taking action.

Our message will not only tell you what steps we plan to take but also explain why we are choosing to take that course of action.

To save you time and effort, we gather as much context and information as possible before escalating to you. This way, when you hear from us, you get all the information you need and we can eliminate inefficient back-and-forth exchanges.

Develop Trust

Cyber program management is never done. We protect your business assets and operations continuously, regardless of your stage of cyber maturity.

We regularly update you on the state of your security operations and provide a  concise and comprehensive video walking you through any updates or recent actions we’ve taken. Once a month we will supplement those reports with a live team call to discuss larger patterns and long-term trends.

Learn more about  our commitment to great customer service for yourself, you can schedule a free discovery call with us here on our website.