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Cyber threats are real.

Records Exposed
days to identify and
contain a breach
C-Level think cyber
risk is increasing

A single data breach can cause significant financial loss, operational disruption, loss of intellectual property, and damage your company reputation.


Do you understand your Business Risk and Security Posture?

Treating each client's cyber risk like it's our own.

We take time to understand your unique business risks to enable a proactive, optimized, and holistic cyber defense that:

  • Optimize existing defenses
  • Establish strong security best practices
  • Maximize current investments
  • Enable secure business growth
  • And of course, keep data safe
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The Pareto Cyber Method

Building a proactive cyber program requires a disciplined approach. Our proven process enables clients to understand their business risk, develop a transformation strategy, deliver improved cyber prevention & detection, and govern the cyber program through our managed cyber services.

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Right-sized cyber solutions to protect your company—and your reputation.

Pareto Cyber leverages deep and broad experience across a wide spectrum of industries — including manufacturing, technology, finance, and healthcare — to help mid-market and enterprise companies develop secure, scalable cybersecurity programs.


Cyber Advisory

Improve your cyber defense by understanding your risk profile, assessing your security posture, and evaluating your organizational effectiveness to deter, detect, and respond to cyber threats.


Managed Security Services

Cost efficient services with a 24 x 7 focus on protecting your business from cyber threats at a price point lower than can be achieved staffing and managing internally.


Transformation Services

Implement a proactive cyber program with improved controls, next-gen cyber technologies, and optimized processes that is risk right-sized to your risk and business needs.


Managed Cyber Program

Enable business focus through a fully managed program that provides Governance & Oversight, Cyber Hygiene, Threat Detection & Response, and Security Culture & Awareness to protect your business.

What Clients Say

Pareto came in and did a thorough and comprehensive risk analysis of our company, team, and current IT processes. We are currently using the output of that assessment as a foundation for our security strategy at Ardent Mills. Being able to tie business value vs risk mitigation to right size our security posture has been a game changer for us.

- Chris Meyerpeter, Commercial Transformation Lead and Chief Information Officer, Ardent Mills

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