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Preventing Cyber Threats Before They Happen

A data breach can cause significant financial losses, disrupt operations, and damage a company’s reputation. Yet for many organizations cybersecurity is more reactive than proactive. Rather than looking for improvement opportunities many resort to expensive cyber technology investments that add complexity to an already complex environment.

The result? Inefficient, inadequately resourced cybersecurity programs that react to threats rather than proactive and holistic risk management.

The Cybersecurity Stakes

Average cost of a data breach
Average cost for enterprises with 25,000+ employees
Average time to identify and contain

How We're Different:
The Pareto Cyber™ Method

Building a cyber program requires a disciplined approach. Our proprietary process identifies business risk, assesses security posture and IT operational maturity, and evaluates the ability to deter, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

Clients start with an advisory engagement, followed by transformation to go from reactive to proactive cyber risk management, and then move into a Managed Cyber Program or Managed Detection and Response Services. Throughout their engagement, clients work with a dedicated team focused on managing their program at a lower cost of ownership.

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Right-sized cyber solutions to protect your company—and your reputation.

Pareto Cyber leverages deep and broad experience across a wide spectrum of industries — including manufacturing, technology, finance, and healthcare — to help mid-market and enterprise companies develop secure, scalable cybersecurity programs.



Get a right-sized cyber program from scratch or advance your existing one.


Transformation Services

Take your organization from a low to high level of maturity focused on cost and risk reduction.



Your plan is in place. We’ll help you manage it at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CISO.


Cyber Program

All our services into one — taking you from needs and gap assessments to a robust, proactive, fully managed cyber plan.

Businesses are attacked every 39 seconds. Don't be a victim.

Pareto Cyber offers expert advice, holistic solutions, and proactive cyber solutions.